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Rewiring Social Media

No matter how you want to slice the quarantine cake, one thing is undeniably certain: social media has undoubtedly experienced a renaissance. For about a decade we’ve been accustomed, and dare I say conditioned, to exude an unrealistic and “perfect” glimpse of life on social media. But since we’ve been quarantined due to the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has taken an expected, albeit much needed, turn to realness.
In the wake of this movement, engagement has skyrocketed for the majority of influencers and brands are shifting their messaging accordingly.
Throughout the 10-plus years to which I’ve dedicated my life to top-tier talent management and brand-influencer consulting, showing some form of authenticity and a “bigger purpose” has always been at the core of my business. How do we show our perfectly imperfect selves on social media while still being able to land those luxurious dream jobs? How do you take social media and actually use it for something bigger than ourselves? Sure, let’s make some money. It’s tremendously foolish to not recognize its powerful ability for posts to be largely monetizable. The elusive questions remain, though: What more can we use social media for? How much longer can we keep portraying an unrealistic

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