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Nostalgia Items Lead Google Searches Among Baby Boomers

The nostalgia trend is still going strong, according to a new Coventry Direct report.
Coventry Direct, a life insurance policy educational platform, released a report looking back to the childhoods of Baby Boomers during the Sixties and Seventies, focusing on the items that are still reigning in popularity today. The company looked at Google Trends data to determine the results.
Nationwide, the most popular nostalgia item recorded was vinyl records, followed by Polaroid cameras, station wagons, typewriters and TV antennas. Other items that ranked popular throughout the country were baseball cards, phone operators, drive-in movie theaters, five-and-dime stores and Sears catalogues.
These items’ resurgence in popularity can also be attributed to Millennials’ and Gen Z’s affinity toward nostalgia and vintage items.
The report also looks at the most popular TV shows from the Sixties and Seventies, with “All in the Family” receiving the top spot. The show is followed by “Dragnet,” “School House Rock,” “I Love Lucy” and “Leave It to Beaver.”
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