A Growing Resource During Pandemic, the COVID Help Network

The COVID Help Network continues to grow as state governments, facilities, businesses and organizations across 32 states have been utilizing the platform.
“It’s to help connect folks within the medical community, to hospitals directly, to governors directly,” said filmmaker Mark Kassen. “We were able to build a piece of technology that could handle a lot of traffic.”
Working with engineers, Kassen’s production company, Like Minded Media, is behind the operation in partnership with Masimo, a medical technology company, and the Patient Safety Movement, an organization working to eliminate “preventable harm and death in health care” globally. By linking health-care establishments and state governments with companies, the endeavor is facilitating communication and aid during the coronavirus pandemic.
“We were at the center of a couple of communities that wanted to help each other, and so we started off just referring people from one industry who could help people in another industry and that started to grow,” he said. Kassen’s mother is a nurse, and his father was a pharmacist. “I have a soft spot for health-care workers, as we all, I’m sure, do in our own way.”
Using, governments, facilities and businesses are able to search by state or need, depending on the objective.

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