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Chic Skateboard Deck Bags – The Hermès Skateboard Bolide Bag is Finished with an Expected Component (

( The Hermès Skateboard Bolide Bag has been unveiled by the brand as part of its men’s summer 2022 collection that incorporates a laidback component into an otherwise luxury bag. The bag starts…


As Big Weddings Return, Let’s Not Bring Bridesmaid Culture Back with Them

We are emerging from the pandemic as changed people—and there has never been a better time to leave bridesmaid traditions behind.


TV Shows Like A Teacher Have a Responsibility to Explain Why Some Predators Succeed

I was barely 16 when I was sexually assaulted by a school official. FX’s miniseries gave me a blueprint for sexual predation, but it did nothing to give voice to young victims.


Kendall Jenner’s Favorite Summer Basics Will Go on Sale for 72 Hours

When Kendall Jenner posted a photo of herself in a yellow bikini on her Instagram account last week, the image yielded some 6 million likes and 17,000 comments.
Suffice it to say there is enormous interest in whatever Jenner wears, which is why German fashion e-tailer About You tapped the American model for an exclusive capsule collection for summer that includes that very itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny swimwear style.
The range drops at midnight CET on July 25 for 72 hours only. A second collection is planned for fall 2021.
“She is probably the biggest fashion icon and model there is right now,” enthused Donald Schneider, founder and creative director of Donald Schneider Studio in Berlin, who masterminded the collaboration and campaign for Hamburg-based About You, which operates e-stores in 23 European countries.
“With her 174 million followers, her personality and her fashion style, she is a unique inspiration for the younger generation,” said Schneider, noting that many people tried to source that yellow bikini, even though Jenner didn’t mention it was part of the Kendall for About You collection.
They will know soon enough, with Jenner set to announce the project on her social channels, with About You following up with a countdown campaign featuring videos

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