Looking Back at Adele’s Illustrious Music Career

At long last, Adele is finally back.
On Thursday evening, the Grammy-winning singer dropped “Easy on Me,” the lead single from her upcoming and highly anticipated fourth studio album “30.” A music video, directed by Xavier Dolan (who was also behind the video for her hit 2015 single “Hello”), accompanied the release of her song.
The video starts off in the singer’s signature black-and-white silhouette — like her previous music videos for “Hello” and “Someone Like You” — as she prepares to leave an empty house with a suitcase in a patent brown leather coat and sunglasses. She hops in a car, pops in a cassette tape before she looks in the rearview mirror to show her trademark cat eyeliner and drives as the beginning of the song starts playing.
She passes by other young couples happy and in love as she sings throughout the piano progression. In the latter half of the song, the video turns into color to show Adele sitting in a red-themed room with toppled furniture scattered throughout and sheets of music flying as she continues the rest of the song. As the video concludes, it shows a short blooper of the singer bursting into laughter from the wind machine

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