6 Innovative Women-owned Fashion Brands to Watch

Women are continuing to add interest to fashion at a time when consumers are craving to get beyond the commonplace.
In honor of Women’s History Month, WWD is celebrating women-owned innovative fashion brands making names for themselves in the space.
From Areeayl Goodwin’s Beads by Aree, which makes jewelry for the whimsical bohemian that lives inside each of us, to Pattaraphan, which fuses edginess and androgyny to design strong pieces for a discerning customer, here are six women-owned fashion brands to watch.   
Brand name: Michel Men
Year founded: 2017
Design aesthetic: The New Americana: modern, minimalist approach to traditional American men’s wear.
Customer: Bold and stylish men who live by a uniform.
Whitney Michel is a first-generation Haitian American born in Brooklyn, N.Y., who designs luxurious men’s accessories such as bandanas, socks and neckwear for the everyday man. Michel has just dropped a collaboration with The Tie Bar curated by Jim Moore of GQ magazine, who is Michel’s mentor.

A look from Michel Men. 
Courtesy of Michel Men


Socks from Michel Men. 
Courtesy of Michel Men

Brand name: Sabrina Ol
Year founded: 2020
Design aesthetic: Concept-oriented streetwear.
Customer: Women/men/nonbinary 25- to 35-year-old customer.
Born and raised in Mexico City, Sabrina Olivera is a Brooklyn-based fashion designer. Throughout Olivera’s life she has been fascinated by the

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