Get to Know: Endieu

What’s Endieu? When Chyanne and Chelsey Cantras are asked, the duo responded, “On- dew, we got the quote tattooed ‘en dieu nous croyons’ in French for “In God We Trust.”
They really didn’t know what it would mean until Endieu became its own social phenomenon. “We haven’t touched the surface of our full potential, but we love this crazed process,” the designers said. They described their quarantine as a beauty in disguise. Through a roller coaster of emotions, it allowed them to realize what they needed to do was to slow down and to do the work needed within themselves first. “It’s just extremely bittersweet to feel most creative and zealous about what we have planned for the future when our people until this day experience such trauma. So we are eminently grateful for all we’ve gained through all of this and can’t wait to grow and make a difference one day,” said Chelsey and Chyanne.
In their recent drop, in collaboration with Aimej Jimay, the designers co-created bold colored, fur-felt hide foldovers with vibrant multicolored charms and metallic skulls.

Every detail of Endieu is inspired by the designers everyday activities and their lives. The twins describe their brand as “uncommon, unpredictable and

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