Nodaleto Parodies Netflix With Influencer-led Web Series

Netflix has emerged as one of the big winners of the coronavirus pandemic. Now fledgling French shoe brand Nodaleto is ready to launch its own version of the streaming service with a tongue-in-cheek web series inspired by the classic teen comedy “Mean Girls.”
Call it a sign of the times: the idea for the parody site, Nodflix, hatched before France and other European countries went into lockdown as COVID-19 swept the planet.
Nodaleto founder Julia Toledano and Olivier Leone, the creative director, tapped influencers Camille Charrière, Leaf Greener and Louise Follain to join its team of “Nodalegirls,” who are shown on a group phone call discussing what appears to be a steamy encounter — though the final shot reveals the object of their affection is not a man, but the brand’s Bulla Jones shoe.
“My inspiration has always been my entourage,” said Toledano, revealing that the short film was shot in her Paris apartment days before France went into lockdown on March 17. A fourth participant, Spanish influencer Gala González, dropped out at the last minute after being laid low with flu-like symptoms, although it turned out it wasn’t COVID-19.
Leone said the campaign was in tune with Nodaleto’s fashion-forward aesthetic steeped in pop

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