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Gucci Spotlights Animal Conservation Efforts With Pre-fall Ad Campaign

GUCCI’S GREEN PASTURES: Gucci is spotlighting its support for the protection of wildlife animal species and their natural habitats with its pre-fall 2020 ad campaign.
In February, the Italian luxury brand joined the The Lion’s Share Fund, a non-for-profit organization that raises money to protect endangered species by partnering with global brands and advertisers using animals in their ad campaigns. Gucci has pledged to donate 0.5 percent of its paid media spend to the organization every time an animal appears in one of its advertisements.
In its latest ad campaign lensed by Gucci’s longtime collaborator Alasdair McLellan under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele, deer, fawns, owls, blue birds, skunks, squirrels, frogs, hedgehogs, ducks and rabbits flank the models enjoying their time under the sun in a playground with swings and slides and flanked by a waterway.
In keeping with the sense of free-spirited eclecticism that has become deeply connected with Gucci’s image in the Michele era, the images candidly portray a range of characters hula hooping or playing the flute and reconnecting with the natural environment. The Florentine house described the campaign as an “ode to retrieved innocence, a return to the infant world,” the same theme Michele developed for the men’s

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