Goodbye Angels, Victoria’s Secret Taps Fresh-faced Zhou Dongyu for China

LONDON — Zhou Dongyu, an acclaimed young actress, is the new face of Victoria’s Secret in China.
Having won recognition at events such as the Asian Film Awards, Hong Kong Film Awards and Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards almost every year since her debut in Zhang Yimou’s film “Under the Hawthorn Tree” at age 19, Zhou is considered the leading serious actress of her generation. She is also known for her girl-next-door appeal, and stylish fashion looks on the red carpets.
Her slender figure is not what people would usually associate with the word sexy, but Zhou, who is also the face of Burberry in China, begs to differ.
“In my definition, being sexy is a comfortable and nonconforming natural state,” the actress said. “When I first entered the business, everyone felt that I was inconspicuous. I also felt very sad at that time, yes, but then slowly I proved myself through my own efforts, living hard every day, studying hard, loving myself. Slowly I feel that I really feel sexy from the inside out.”

Zhou Dongyu is the new face of Victoria’s Secret in China. 
Courtesy Photo

This appointment marks a departure for the company’s famous Angel approach and a new effort to raise its brand awareness

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